Let’s Make a Game in Unity

Unity is a professional game engine that comes with loads of features and plug-ins to help you make an amazing game. You do not need to be a programmer to learn Unity, but you will need some hard work and patience to familiarize yourself with the engine itself.

We love using Unity at our summer camps, and kids as young as 10 have made games in it. So what are you waiting for? :D
Before you dive in, make sure you've got the GMG Modded Playground Package + Unity downloaded, installed and ready to go:

  1. » Download Unity (free)

  2. » GMG Modded Unity Playground Package

    » Full playlist of tutorial videos (if you prefer watching on YouTube)


Part 1. Creating a New Project


Part 2. Importing + Intro to Unity


Part 3. Adding a Background + Tiles


Part 4. Adding your Player


Part 5. Animation + Camera Follow

great job! You’re halfway there!


Part 6. Enemies


Part 7. Collectibles


Part 8. Background Music

Now it’s a party!


Part 9. Dialogue


Part 10. Goal & Reload Level

You did it!!!


Part 11. Bonus Morale Boost

Congratulations, you just made a game! Now the only thing left is customizing the game with your own design/art, and sending it out in the world… Go on, publish your game on Google Play or Xbox One! You’ve got this!