Sometimes, the people we meet can inspire change in us to become a better version of ourselves. They exude coolness, and we wonder how they got to where they are. How they got to be so confident and awesome.

These cool people are called role models.


And role models are incredibly important - they validate our ideas and can often help us make life decisions, like what career to pick, or what college to go to.

If you’re looking for role models in the games industry, you’re in the right place! Meet Siobhan Reddy, Emilia Schatz, Leah Hoyer, Kellee Santiago, Lisette Titre-Montgomery, Jing Li and Caryl Shaw, all incredible game developers who inspire us everyday!

In the Girls Level Up videos below, you’ll find girls from around the world asking questions about the art and craft of making video games, with answers from our role models.


Find out from one of the great level designers of our time what makes you feel excited, scared, triumphant...and a whole range of emotions when you play a video game.

A video game story guru shares one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a game story.

Journey is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful video games ever made. Learn from the game's co-creator how it wasn't all about the gorgeous art style.

How do you come up with an idea for a video game that's unique? Media Molecule Studio Director Siobhan Reddy weighs in.

Find out one of the secrets to creating a video game environment that feels like a huge landscape from the amazing Art Director at Double Fine Studios.

The designer of Concrete Genie shares an important secret to designing game play.


Ready to program a video game? Yes you are! Here's some advice and inspiration from an accomplished, fun-loving game producer about where to begin.


But wait, there’s more!

Inspiring game developers aren’t just found at the top companies, they’re all around us. We want you to meet 5 teams of young game developers (ages 9-14) who 100% rock our socks. Just spend a few minutes learning about their work, and reading their interviews, we promise you’ll walk away wanting to get started on your game idea! :)

1//The Sarcastic Shark Clouds

Meet Crystal, Gracie, Isadora and Keira, developers of the award-winning anti-bullying game, Shredded Secrets.

Shredded Secrets is a empathy building narrative platformer that lets you step into the lives of four people at a middle school - Isabella, Taylor, London and Oakley.
Team SSC went on raise to over $30K on Kickstarter and will be publishing their game in 2020!

Check out their cool Kickstarter page to learn more and play their game demo.

>> Press interview: Four Seattle girls score top prize in national Girls Make Games competition with game about bullying


2//Team Invenio

If you’re a fan of Limbo or Inside, you’re going to love Find Me, created by Avalon, Audrey, Maeve and Katie, aka Team Invenio.

Find Me follows a lost shadow seeks to be reunited with her human girl, while searching for memories and avoiding the dangerous city lights.

Check out their cool prototype with Avalon’s awesome art and Katie’s music on the Kickstarter page.

>> Press interview: Check Out the Stunning Game These Four Girls Made

Find Me is scheduled for release this year so keep an eye out!


3//Team BlubBlub

And then there’s the adorable BlubBlub, by Team BlubBlub - Beatrix, Jordan and Meme. BlubBlub’s cuteness and viciousness has gathered a serious fanbase, especially among Let’s Players on YouTube (go on, we’ll wait while you watch!).

You play as BlubBlub, a cute little blob trying to escape Jennifer, an evil scientist who wants to extract your cuteness for make up.

The game is out, so give it a go!

>> Press interview: Turns out that 10-14 year old girls can make the cutest games


4//Team Who Must Not Be Named

Interfectorem, by Team Who Must Be Named (so we’ll just use their first names) comprising of Avalon, Izzy, Summer and Lucia, launched to critical acclaim in 2017 - the only GMG game to make it on Nerdist’s favorites list!

Interfectorem is the story of Alis, a young sheriff-in-training who lives alone with her sister Sali in a small town next to the woods…where all the good stuff happens.

Player beware however, Interfectorem, is Latin for “murderer” so… best not play this one alone :D Purchase and play the game here.

>> Press interview: Solve a Murder Mystery Designed by Middle School Girls


5//The Negatives

And last but certainly not the least, The Negatives, creators of the very charming, very punny, The Hole Story.

Team members Wendy, Karen, Ivy, Samantha, Cassia, Nat and Avery designed a game that combined all of their interests - riddles, puns, and of course, digging!

The Hole Story follows Wendy, a budding archaeologist who travels back in time and well, we can’t give it all away here can we?

The Negatives received the Rising Stars award from Xbox for the game and were featured in over 13 news outlets! THS is out give it a go!

>> Press interview: What it's like to attend Girls Make Games, the all-girls game dev summer camp

Games and Kickstarter Links

BlubBlub   GMG 2016 Grand Prize winner, check it out on  Kickstarter .  Get a free copy of the game here:


GMG 2016 Grand Prize winner, check it out on Kickstarter.

Get a free copy of the game here:

Interfectorem   GMG 2015 Grand Prize winner, check it out on  Kickstarter .  Get a copy of the game here:


GMG 2015 Grand Prize winner, check it out on Kickstarter.

Get a copy of the game here:

The Hole Story   GMG 2014 Grand Prize winner, check it out on  Kickstarter .  Get a copy of the game here:

The Hole Story

GMG 2014 Grand Prize winner, check it out on Kickstarter.

Get a copy of the game here: