Let’s Make a Game in Stencyl

These tutorials are perfect for beginners and first time game developers. We love working in Stencyl and use it at our summer camps + workshops regularly.

If you’ve coded before you can still give it a go and see how easy it is to put a working game together!

Make sure you've got GMG Game Assets + Stencyl downloaded, installed and ready to go:

  1. Get your GMG Game Assets

  2. Grab a free copy of Stencyl here: http://stencyl.com/download




Part 1. Setting Up

This video covers setting up the initial game, adding a background and importing tilesets to create levels with. 


Part 2. Building a Level

Create a level using tilesets + add a character and all its animation frames one at a time. 


Part 3. Movement & Physics

Now you can make your newly created character jump and run! 


Part 4. Camera Follow + Enemy

Things are getting more interesting! Learn how to make the game camera to follow your character around the screen. 


Part 5. Die & Reload Level

Infinite Lives! In this video you'll add more behaviors to your characters, for example, dying or reloading when you hit an enemy. 


Part 6. Collision Boxes + Music + Coins!

There's so much going on in this video aaaa :D 


Part 7. Sound Effects + Code Blocks

So far we've only used pre-made behaviors in Stencyl. This video introduces Design Mode, which should look familiar to all you Scratch coders out there. More ways to make your game awesome! 


Part 8. Finished Touches

Yay! You're a Game Developer now! Come make more games with us at summer camp :D