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Summer Camp Curriculum

In a span of just 3 weeks, camp participants cover a range of game development topics, including:

  1. Game Design

  2. Game Programming (Stencyl ‘block-code’ for Beginners, Unity3D (C# for Intermediate and Advanced)

  3. Game Art – creating, animating and importing art assets

  4. Music and Audio Engineering – creating, editing, and importing audio

  5. Teamwork; Collaborating with peers and professionals

  6. Pitching and Presentation Skills

Other Highlights: Each summer camp features a Field Trip to local game studio, Industry Speakers (female role models!), and Special Presentations and Workshops offered by hosting Venue. eg: Virtual Reality, Game Engine Development

Amazing Portal cosplay at the Mountain View summer camp!

Amazing Portal cosplay at the Mountain View summer camp!

Even Princess Bubble Gum loves making games!

Even Princess Bubble Gum loves making games!

Junior counselor (and GMG alumna) Ava looking sharp in Journey cosplay <3

Junior counselor (and GMG alumna) Ava looking sharp in Journey cosplay <3

  • GMG camp was a complete success for my daughter! She totally got lost in learning code, developing characters and a story line with her teammates throughout the whole 3 weeks. She came home giddy and excited after each day of camp.

    — Parent in Durham, NC
  • This camp was definitely the highlight of my summer. I met so many other nerdy people and got to learn a lot of awesome things. Overall, the environment was positive and upbeat and made every day super fun and enjoyable.

    — Camper in San Mateo, CA
  • My daughter went into camp convinced that working in technology was as boring as doing math homework. She went from very skeptical on the first day, to not wanting to leave when the three weeks was over. A great, experiential method to get girls to consider a future in technology.

    — Parent in Redmond, WA
  • GMG was a very empowering experience for my 10 year old daughter. In her normal life, she doesn't meet a lot of girls who play video games, so to be surrounded by like minded girl gamers, building and playing together, made her feel at home.

    — Parent in San Francisco


My daughter has never programmed before, is this camp right for her?

That’s A-OK! Our curriculum is designed to be flexible for all age groups and coding levels. Campers work in teams of 3-5, supported by a dedicated team counselor. Nearly 2/3rds of our summer camp attendees have limited coding experience, so your daughter will have plenty company :)

My daughter has extensive programming experience and has made several apps, is this camp right for her?

Fantastic! Making a team game is a great way for your daughter to flex her coding muscles, and help bring her team’s vision to life. There’s so much more to game development than programming alone - game design, art, animation, teamwork, even marketing and entrepreneurship!

do kids spend all day in front of a computer, coding?

Not at all. It’s summer! We take frequent breaks, have lunch outside the classroom and make sure we get some play time outdoors :)

what coding languages will my daughter learn?

We teach game design and development using powerful game engines like Stencyl and Unity. While Stencyl is primarily a visual tool, Unity supports C# and JavaScript.

Can my daughter team up with her friends?

Of course! Friends + Video Games = Best Summer Ever is literally our tagline.

we’re signed up and can’t wait! how can my daughter prepare for camp?

Check out the GMG Portal! Play some awesome games, especially those designed by GMG alumni (we may be biased but we think they’re super creative!). And if time permits, brainstorm some game design ideas, it’s always great to come prepared with something to share with your team :)

do you offer before/after care?

Yes we do, early care starts at 8:30, and late pick up goes through 5:30pm. Cost $10/day per service ($5) for families on financial aid. You’ll receive all this information by the end of May.

Do you provide lunch?

We do! Cost $10/day, ($5 for financial aid). We share the weekly menu along with curriculum/waivers/aftercare info.

will computers be provided?

We ask our participants to bring their own laptops, that way they get to take a copy of the game project home and continue to work on it. For those without a laptop, we’re happy to provide one at $5/day (50% off for financial aid students)

how big is your class size?

We cap our classes at 24, but our ideal class size is between 16-20.

What is your refund Policy?

We offer a full refund through May 1, 2020, 50% through June 15, 2020, and none thereafter.

Do you provide overnight accommodations?

Unfortunately not :( We’re a day camp, but who knows, maybe one day? :)