Year-Round Girls Make Games Workshops


Join us for a weekend of making games!

GMG Workshops are typically 1-2 days long and take place year round globally.

Workshops cover varying Game Dev topics e.g. Game Design, Art, Programming, Sound, etc. See sample workshop agenda

upcoming workshops

Hosted & Sponsored by Thomson Reuters
333 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R2, Canada

Date: Friday December 6, 2019

Hours: 9am - 2pm

Tuition: Free! Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

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United States:
Ann Arbor, MI; Austin, TX; Berkeley, CA; Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA; Cleveland, Ohio; Cupertino, CA; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Durham, NC; Raleigh, NC; Eagan, MN; Fremont, CA; Greensboro, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Irvine, CA; Lafayette, LO; Manchester, NH; Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Palo Alto, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; Redmond, WA; Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; San Mateo, CA; Seattle, WA; Washington, DC;

Global: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Attock, Pakistan; Berlin, Germany; Caithness, Scotland; Chittagong, Bangladesh; Guildford, UK; Lahore, Pakistan; Leeds, UK; Lima, Peru; London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Manchester, UK; Mexico City, Mexico; Montevideo, Uruguay; Mountain View, CA; New Haven, NH; Newcastle, UK; Santiago, Chile; Stockholm, Sweden; Taipei, Taiwan; Toronto, Canada; Valencia, Spain;

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