2019 Summer Games

Every year, nearly 200 girls attend our flagship summer camps around the US. While only 5 games make it out to Demo Day, we always wished we could highlight all the amazing games the girls make in just 3 short weeks! Games full of heart and courage and fantasy.

This year, we’re sharing all 44 games created by our junior devs in 10 locations! We hope you’ll love playing through these and getting to know the teams as much as we did <3

‘Life of an Emo Kid’ by Short Stack

Izzy, Maple, Iliana (Austin, TX)

Counselor: Alexis Lopez

2019 Demo Day Finalist

An emo kid doesn't think he fits in well in the Light Kingdom, where he is born into the royal family. On a quest to find where they belong, Miku escapes through the sewage tunnels underneath the Light Kingdom Castle, through the village and then fights off fairies and unicorns in the dark forest. Finally, Miku has to fight off the final UNICORN BOSS to gain access to the Dark Kingdom. On this journey, Miku discovers not only where they truly belong, but also how to live in a world where they might be different.

About the Team: Short Stack LOVES anime and youtube. They also love illustrating and art, and almost never put down their digital drawing pads or close out of youtube. Maple really likes her Nintendo Switch (playing Splatoon), and Iliana really likes camp games, especially Moon Hunters.

>Download and Play Life of an Emo Kid

‘Inland’ by Team GG

Jasmine, Jordan, Ayana, Ebony & Ashni (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Tayo Falase

2019 Demo Day Finalist

Inland is a game about a boy names Lucas and his animal companion, Willow the Polar Bear. Their goal is to stop the Lumber Johns from destroying their environment.

Our game was inspired by the problems our world faces today and many of those problems include the changes in the environment, and we wanted to implement that into our game.

About the Team: Our team is very goofy, we tend to get off task a lot but always end up getting back on track. Everyone is good at different things and enjoys different parts of making the game. Jordan likes making the art, Ashni like the problem solving aspect of making games, Ebony likes communicating with everyone and decorating, Ayana likes making battle scenes, Jasmine likes designing the characters and creating the story. Together we all enjoy making each other laugh.

>Download and Play Inland

‘SandWitch Shop’ by Team Pumpkin Boyz

Rosa, Kaiya & Elena (San Francisco, ca)

Counselor: Erin Alvarico

2019 Demo Day Finalist

Sage, a young struggling witch inherits her retired grandfather's sandwich shop. Grandpa Benny and his spouse have decided to finally retire and move to Hawaii, leaving his legacy as one of the greatest sandwich makers in town to Sage to fulfill.
One by one customers ask for their sandwiches in which Sage must teleport back and forth from the shop and her grandfather's farm to gather the freshest ingredients and build their desired order.

About the Team: On top of getting along great we work well together. We all love to draw in our free time and make silly animations. We think that we are the most cohesive team we could be. Everyday we walk in with bright smiles, ready to work hard and have fun. Our team is made of kind and cheerful people and we enjoyed every moment of being together at camp!

>Download and Play SandWitch Shop

‘What They Don’t Sea’ by Team Atlantis

Catie , Twyla, Riley & Claire (durham, NC)

Counselor: Lydia Granholm

2019 Demo Day Finalist

As a marine researcher with the Rachel Carson Research Organization, RCRO, you have been sent to collect samples of a special kelp for an alternative energy project.

Our game was inspired by our fears of deep water and features multiple levels teeming with underwater marvels and curiosities wait to be discovered by the player.

About the Team: We are all imaginative, going into eighth grade, and utterly obsessed with beautiful art.

>Download and Play What They Don’t Sea

‘Cavendish Rescue’ by Team Banana

Isabella, Megan & Isabel (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Sam Arpon

2019 Demo Day Finalist

You are Amelia Navy, a lone human in a fruit world, and a spy-in-training for the Queen of Bananas. It is discovered that the kingdom's most precious and rarest bananas, the Cavendish, have been taken to the Apple Kingdom. Without the Queen's care the Cavendish will go extinct- so you must rescue them while stealthily passing the kingdom’s guards among other enemies.

About the Team: We're a fun group with a thing for bananas and Pokemon. We love listening to and telling stories and we really like jokes that make us laugh too hard.

>Download and Play Cavendish Rescue

‘File Not Found’ by Noodle Poodle

Amicie, Charlotte, Charla (San francisco, CA)

Counselor: Vera Limani

2019 Honorable Mention

File Note Found is a game about a 17 year old girl named Rhiannon Hills who is moving into a new apartment. She realizes that she doesn't remember much about her past while searching through mysterious files on a floppy disc, and through playing a game she found on an old computer.

About the Team: We are all energetic, detail-oriented, spoopy, and surprisingly into creepy things

>Download and Play File Not Found

‘Optic Rock’ by Team Chow Mein

Lainey, Ryder, Isabella, Julia (Austin TX)

Counselor: James Nix

2019 Honorable Mention

In a dystopian world where all music has been banned, Sage and her friends form an all-girl punk rock band to overthrow the government and restore music to the world.

About the Team: Team Chow Mein is obsessed with Chow Mein, hence the name. We all happen to love Pokemon and D&D. Also while Lainey and Ryder love musicals, Julia and Isabella love the game Hollow Knight.

>Download and Play Optic Rock

‘Safehaven’ by The Pastel Goats

Keira M., Kiera N., Sophia (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Sam Long

2019 Honorable Mention

Puzzles, decisions, and animals OH MY!
In our game Safehaven you are a tiger and you must save yourself and help a pangolin and a rhino along the way.
There is something in our game for everyone, puzzles to solve, battles to fight and poachers to stop.
Don't give up there is always a solution!

About the Team: We love Minecraft, Mafia, Sugar and making bad puns. We are all epic gamers. We all share 1 braincell, we also make a lot of 5 year old jokes. We love animals, especially those that are endangered and need extra help.

>Download and Play Safehaven


Zeely, Kayleigh, Zoe, Jayden, Riley

Counselor: Mike Zhang

2019 Honorable Mention

SHIFT follows the story of Camille, a computer programmer that got sucked into her computer where she must eliminate a Virus and stop Quinn, the source of this glitch. Camille must go through her various developed games and clear each Virus by completing their stories. Along the way she is reminded of the outside world and who she is fighting to get back to- her friends.

About the Team: Our team is a group of fun loving misfits who love gaming. We work together and fight like siblings. We love memes and goofing off with our silly sense of humor.

>Download and Play SHIFT

‘Splintered Memories’ by Dream Team

Qamar, Helena, True, and Katherine (Seattle, WA)

Counselor: Hailey & Sanjay

2019 Honorable Mention

You play as Lilith, whose mentor gets cursed by Suge, the villian, and her soul gets split into pieces. Lilith must journey into different people's dreams to find and collect the splintered pieces of her mentor, Vivian’s, soul.

About the Team: We love video games, True and Helena love to do art and are amazing at it. Katherine loves coding, and Qamar loves making sounds for the game. Helena's favorite game is Okami, True's favorite is Destiny, Qamar's favorite is Minecraft, and Katherine's favorite game is ShellShock Live.

>Download and Play Splintered Memories

‘Midnight’ by
Kitty Cat Crew

Zoe, Fatima, Tricia (Austin, TX)

Counselor: Alyssa Cantu

The evil king James has kidnapped Holly and her cat! Work with Holly to save Midnight!

About the Team: We like cat pens, super smash bros, and arms

->Download and Play Midnight

Around the World with Oil Tank & Grease Trap by L.E.P. Studios

Emily & Prarthana (Durham, NC)

Counselor: Emily Burke

A dog is asked by the dog president to go on a mission around the world to different places to get as much food as possible to make sure the evil raccoons dont get it first. you have to complete the levels to get to the foods!

About the Team: We both like Christmas & Halloween, ~ Emily- I like anime and sushi and I LOVE art and drawing ~Prarthana - I like ice skating, dolphin, and any type of food that is flavored pumpkin

>Download and Play Around the World with Oil Tank & Grease Trap

‘Axolotl Adventure’ by Candy Munchkins

Avery, Maddie, Victoria, Mia, Annika (Boston, MA)

Counselor: Madison & Claire

Axolotl Adventure is the story of an axolotl who goes on an adventure when he gets captured and put in a tank. They have to escape the tank and find their way back home Xochimilco lake in Mexico, while avoiding predators and obstacles along the way.

About the Team: We like playing games, eating sushi, an drawing!

>Download and Play Axolotl Adventure

‘Alien Defeaters’ by Super Stencyl Four

Camila, Irene, Natalia (Boston, MA)

Counselor: Kelly Ly

A game developer (Fredric Okimoto) was sucked into an arcade game with aliens involved and left a series of letters if someone was to ever find him. Years later our main character (Adriana Rodriguez) plays the arcade game ALIEN DEFEATERS inside a storage room. Suddenly the screen flickers, and she's sucked into the game. She must follow the series of letters and save the game developer who is being held captive by the boss alien. To get there, she must first defeat the alien army and navigate through dangerous obstacles.

About the Team: We really like to play video games (of course!) like Overcooked on the PS4 and Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. We really like reading, writing, drawing, and everything in between. One of us sells slime on the Internet, another would choose listening to music over water, and another has had turtles, fish, and hamsters.

>Download and Play Alien Defeaters

‘Altzia’ by Pixel People

Analia, Hadiyyah, Liliana, Madison (Boston, MA)

Counselor: Eptisam Kassim

Altzia is a game about two kids that fall into a puddle portal and have to save the future from EVIL. The only way to do it is by stopping the evil prince from starting a war by bringing his mother back, the queen. When they do that dark magic will disappear and good magic will come back and all of time will be saved.

About the Team: We really love to create art. We made so many things on Piskel. We love to play around and make jokes. Our team is super funny, cool, saucy and amazing. We are out of this world. Some of us love horseback riding, hanging out with friends and family, swimming, creating music, and coding! All of us love games

>Download and Play Altzia

‘The Vision’ by LOADing...

Ly-Ly, Olivia, Athena (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Daniel Pauker

A young girl has a vision of an evil alien turning into an old woman, and goes on an adventure to defeat it.

About the Team: We like smash, and having fun and being silly. we also love to laugh!

>Download and Play The Vision

‘Witch Way Home’ by Team Caramel

Swarnika, Diya, Violet (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Angelina Suh

When high school student Ivy falls into a portal and finds herself in a strange new land, she has to fight her way back to her own world, accompanied by her cat Taffy.

About the Team: We like Youtube, Slither.io, adventure, and dangerous things! (And Harry Potter and wands and actually we don't really eat caramel that often but that too!)

>Download and Play Witch Way Home

‘Shifted’ by THE PACK

Kaavya, Elli, Selphie, Sara, Kaya (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Ayesha Khalid

The magical wolf pack was once together in a jungle, until they saw hunters invading in the forest. The Pack got dispersed, and a pup wolf lost the way to home. The goal of the game is to find a way back home by crossing the big forest. The wolf has a magical power of shapeshifting, it can turn into dragon to fly in the sky and a Merman in water to swim through the river. The wolf has to eat 10 berries in each level to go to the next one.

About the Team: We all love Art, Pokemon, Animals and Dark stories that have an emotional connection.

>Download and Play Shifted

‘Seeking Solace’ by Queer Moths

Melora, Milla(Ari) (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Keanan Pucci

Seeking Solace is about a shadow that sweeps over the land and your friend is separated from you. You have to go find your friend and defeat the big bad (shadow boss who stole everyone's emotions with the shadows). You have to battle people you used to know in the town to get to the boss.

About the Team: We're artists who draw too much who should probably stop but we don't. We stay up too late. We're obsessed with cartoons on the internet.

>Download and Play Seeking Solace

‘Cute vs Ugly’ by Shooting Stars

Alex R., Alex A., Georgia, Ellie (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Sophie Andersen

The Jewel of Cuteness is stolen by the King of Ugliness and a pug must go into the land of Ugliness and retrieve it. The pug has five days, or else everything will become ugly.

About the Team: We love cute things, especially pugs. We also love pastel colors.

>Download and Play Cute vs Ugly

‘Fig and Dee’ by Team Team

Madison, Quynh-Anh, Arwen (Mountain View, CA)

Counselor: Keanan Pucci

A goblin named Fig, his family send him out on a quest to get relics for the ultimate power for evil purposes. Along the way he meets a princess, Dee, she has the same intentions, but to bring the powers to her kingdom for ultimate good. They go together on a quest to find the relics which they discover are gems. These must be placed on the queen's special crown to wield the power.

About the Team: We like to play video games like Tetris, Playstation and Nintendo stuff, Smash. We like musicals (x2), performing arts, dogs(!!!!). We like drawing too!

>Download and Play Fig and Dee

‘Puku and the Spooky Forest’ by OLYIMPIA

Olivia, Armidah, Yurika (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Kait Baird

Our game is about a cat named Puku who is lost and trying to find her sister.

About the Team: We all like cute things and the color pink! We also love cats and dogs! Also, we love creating arts and crafts.

>Download and Play Puku and the Spooky Forest

‘Let's Go to the Future’ by FUN CLUB

Maya, Mia, Aliya (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Blake Smith

Let's Go to the Future is about a puppy going to the future to try to save its family from evil coyotes. It is a platforming adventure that takes the player through three distinct levels.

About the Team: Our team is very energetic, spunky, loves Roblox, enjoys relaxing. We also have lots of amazing ideas!

>Download and Play Let’s go to the Future

‘Into the Portal Realm’ by Portal Masters

Scarlett, Lizzy, Mufan, Aniya (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Meesha Hussain

Into the Portal Realm is a magical game about a Japanese girl named Ai who falls into a portal and is transported into a mythical realm where witches and an evil Portal King wreak havoc on the innocent people of the kingdom. In order to get home, Ai has to defeat and purge the realm of these evils.

About the Team: We like Minecraft and Pokemon. Our favorite pokemon's are Eevee and Pikachu.

>Download and Play Into the Portal Realm

‘Vera’ by The Banjo Frogs

Gracie, Dylan, Paige (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Lisa Waranowitz

"Vera" is a whimsical point and click adventure game following a young witch named Vera. She is in need of cash to buy a new house because her old apartment is less than average (and did we mention haunted?). To make money, she helps the villagers in her town solve their magical problems, and makes friends along the way.

About the Team: We are the Banjo Frogs (also known as the Banjo Boys) and we love frogs, drawing, and Luigi! Our favorite tragedy film is Fallen Kingdom- we shed tears every time. Our team has been going to Girls Make Games for 4+ years. We love making games together!

>Download and Play Vera

‘Animal Mission’ by Watermelon Whales

Lauren, Eliana, Megan, Isabella (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Mathurah Ravigulan

Animal Mission is a game about saving animals! You meet spiders, and spiders..and more spiders.

About the Team: We like animals, Pusheen, and ice cream!

>Download and Play Animal Mission

‘Adventures of Quests’ by Adventure Team

Camille, True, Amiel, Nicole (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Bridget Goodwine

You have to defeat the evil wizard who lives in the cave. You have to find your sword, Sir Wolife and the villagers give you quests, and you have to defeat zombies, skeletons, and devils. You are sent to save the town!

About the Team: One good thing about our team is that we all cooperate together! We all love Reblox and Legend of Zelda. True's favorite color is red, Amiel's favorite color is blue, Nicole's favorite color is aqua marine, and Camille's favorite color is dark blue.

>Download and Play Adventures of Quests

‘Suspectrum's Forest’ by Kable Table

Allison, Dkayla, Lulu, Malaika, Kalia (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Wendy Beumel

Suspectrum's Forest follows the journey of two kids on an adventure to defeat monsters and save their village.

About the Team: A team of artists who love life sims and adventure games.

>Download and Play Suspectrum’s Forest

‘Escape the Dimensions’ by The Fast Swimming Bunnies

Chelsea, Avery, Siddhi , Bethany (Redmond, WA)

Counselor: Mariana Escobedo

You wake up on a deserted Island where you travel through mysterious portals in efforts to find your way back home. You have to go through various dimensions and defeat many enemies, and eventually have to fight against evil King Kandy!!

About the Team: We seem shy at first but are actually super creative and full of energy!!

>Download and Play Escape the Dimensions

‘Planet Apocalypse’ by Minions

Charlotte, Noe, Mika, and Matilda. (San Francisco, CA)

Counselor: Nick Nguyen

You play as a girl who has to defeat all the aliens that are taking over the galaxy. You journey across different elemental planets (fire, water, earth) in order to collect powerful orbs to increase your power and abilities. In the end, you gain a new power that allows you to shoot rainbow orbs to fight the Alien King.

About the Team: We all like playing Cooking fever and watching random videos. Mika says she is hardworking, Matilda says she likes books, Noe says she likes prank videos, and Charlotte says she likes making art.

>Download and Play Planet Apocalypse

‘Bos Verhaal’ by Bosdieren

Maeve, Juliette, Leah (San Francisco, CA)

Counselor: Ariel Nam

Bos Verhaal is a 2D puzzle platformer in which the player plays as a bunny named Konijn. Konijn must save the forest from dying by restoring a magical flower while facing harmful obstacles like bramble and enemies.

About the Team: We love peaceful games where the player can explore! Maeve enjoys archery, crochet, baking, and programming-a jack of all trades! Juliette loves broadway shows, music, and making friends; she's an all around ball of sunshine. Leah likes to dance and listen to kpop groups like BTS; she's super chill.

>Download and Play Bos Verhaal

‘Plague of the Kittens’ by The Skinny Legends

Inara, Grace, Maxine, Davina (San Francisco, CA)

Counselor: Stephanie Kim

An accident in a lab has caused all of the kittens in the area to be infected, and it's up to our player, the only uninfected kitty, to save them with the cure! Unfortunately, the cure is located inside the lab, which is guarded by evil lab workers, the evil lab boss Vera, and the infected kitties. Our kitty must avoid the enemies to reach the cure.

About the Team: Our team loves kitties and cute animals!

>Download and Play Plague of the Kittens

‘WaveNite’ by TidalWave

Abby, Yena, Riya, Zainab (San Jose, CA)

Counselor: Monique R.

WaveNite is a game about a girl named Kristy who runs from waves and wants to save good Picasso and at the very end fights evil Picasso.

About the Team: We love co-op games, wee like cute things!

>Download and Play WaveNite

‘Lost In the Woods’ by Too Good For A Name

Kaitlyn, Cassidy, Hailey, Jenna, Gizelle (San Jose, CA)

Counselor: Shruthi

A girl gets lost in the woods, and she has to fight enemies in the woods to get back home.

About the Team: We all love animals and we are charismatic. We also love games, and some of our favorite games are Mario Kart, Ace Attorney, and Hello Neighbor.

>Download and Play Lost In the Woods

‘Attack of the Zombie Vegetables’ by 404: Team Name Not Found

Autumn, Neha, Ashley, Hadia, Sri, Anna (San Jose, CA)

Counselor: Kristopher Kath

A little boy named Kris hates vegetables and has a nightmare about zombie vegetables stealing his candy. He must fight through waves of zombeans, shroombies, and broccolbies and defeat The Zompkin King in order to regain control of the candy jar.

About the Team: Our team members want to be the very best that no one ever was. To catch them is our real test, to train them is our cause. We also like riddles.

>Download and Play Attack of the Zombie

‘Cherry's Big Adventure’ by LaJaViMa

Maxine, Victoria, Jaide (San Mateo, CA)

Counselor: Lauren Choi

Cherry's Big Adventure is about a dog named Cherry and a girl named Jessie. They get sucked into a fantasy adventure book, and Cherry must rescue Jessie from an evil scientist. Along the way, Cherry defeats spellbound animals and meets her fairy dogmother.

About the Team: Jaide loves superheroes and comic books and drawing. Victoria likes soccer and art, and Maxine likes watching anime (her favorite is My Hero Academia) and drawing. Our team LOVES art, and they're inspired by illustrations from books. Our team's favorite game genre is adventure, which is why they made Cherry's Big ADVENTURE! :)

>Download and Play Cherry’s Big Adventure

‘Her Journey’ by Bread, Bath and Beyond

Aleena, Enya, Lily , Hayden and Abby (San Mateo, CA)

Counselor: Dean Galbraith

You play as Alex, a girl who overcomes challenges in her life while growing up. You follow her journey going through school and work. Players avoid moving obstacles, read comments by locals and collect positive/encouraging envelopes.

About the Team: Our team is obsessed with the Vampire Diaries, Sims, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and KOTLC. Lily loves doing art for games while Enya loves to boss people around and tell them what to do. She's definitely a future Producer! Abby enjoys working and making UI for games. You'll always catch some of our members multi-tasking, watching Netflix and making games.

>Download and Play Her Journey

‘The Freaks’ by FoxLog

Eri, Heidi, Jessica, Ky (San Mateo, CA)

Counselor: Emily Allred

The Freaks is about 3 abandoned, neglected children in the postapocalyptic future of 3019. They struggle to come to terms with their developing powers while avoiding the clutches of the enigmatic Plutonians.

About the Team: We're a small but ambitious team. We enjoy art, anime, and creating interesting stories.

>Download and Play The Freaks

‘Planet Jump’ by The 45er's

Danika, Phoenix, Makena (San Mateo, CA)

Counselor: Janet Doan

In Planet Jump you go to different planets to get help to fix Earth, because it has been ruined by humans. You have to make the right choices to win and save Earth!

About the Team: We get distracted by Roblox. We all like drawing. And, we all like Starbucks.

>Download and Play Planet Jump

‘Galactic Exploit’ by Roaming Comets

Ava, Sofia, Haley, Sara, Vanessa (San Mateo, CA)

Counselor: Eilleen Zhang

Galactic Exploit is about a girl who must save her planet, Terra, from aliens. She travels to another planet to collect a weapon, and then takes on the aliens who want to suck the life out of her own planet, ‘cuz radiation. It’s a top-down game.

About the Team: We get distracted easily. We’re not normal. We play uno. We have a Bug Queen (Sofia) and a Crash Queen (Sara). The Babysitter is Ava, Haley is the Sloth, and Vanessa is the Computer Whisperer.

Ava loves anime. She calls herself an actual lunatic and has a lot of D.Va merch because she plays a lot of Overwatch. Her favorite game right now is Danganronpa.
Vanessa: BOXIES! She is a Splatoon addict and is always wearing her PlayStation hat at PlayStation camp. If she has her headphones on, she’s probably listening to Splatoon game music. She even has an eevee backpack at PlayStation, and she sometimes carries around a yoshi plush. Even though she is at PlayStation she still is a nintendo girl. 😛
Sofia: Crazy. She creates the bugs, and sometimes fixes them. The comedian of the group. The game-bringer (because she brought Uno).
Haley: The sloth. “Slothing” is when she latches onto another’s arm and says “SLOOOOTH”. Her favorite word is repulsive. She really loves food erasers from the store, and she’s very picky. To be cruelly honest, she likes Nintendo more.
Sara: She’s a unicorn and the crash queen, because her Unity keeps crashing. She sometimes laughs a lot. She likes to scratch people, especially Vanessa. She’s very hyper. Flexible and always doing backbends. Black belt.

>Download and Play Galactic Exploit

‘Froofie the Dog’ by Flaming Dragon Eggcat

Maya (Seattle, WA)

Counselor: Dustin Pham

A meteorite hit the planet where Froofie and his friends live. Froofie's friends are now scattered in different places, and Froofie must go through different levels in order to find and reunite with them.

About the Team: I love video games, I like a whole bunch. I like to play at home with my dad and my mom and my kitten. I love animals and I do karate.

>Download and Play Froofie the Dog

‘Sleepy Nora’ by Flaming Dragon Eggcat

Xiomara (Seattle, WA)

Counselor: Dustin Pham

Defeat Karen and her entitled Kid. Nora has been sleeping for about 2 years and the doctors are about to pull the plug on her, she needs to find out who is injecting chloroform into her bloodstream. First you have to find put who is Karen and her entitled kid inside of Noras dream. If you go through exclusive training , and live through the nightmare that is her dream but then you'll have to face another one in real life. Good luck!

About the Team: I eat all the snacks . I like art. I like Detroit become human (game) and Minecraft.

>Download and Play Sleepy Nora

‘Raja’ by Raja

Ava, Ayla, Jolie, Renata (Seattle, WA)

Counselor: Sanjay U.

Their is a girl called Santiago and in effort to save her brother from earth which is dying btw. Raja finds the letters and fixes the problem.

About the Team: We're janky and were on instagram. We all like sushi. We like water bottles because we’re sustainable

>Download and Play Raja

‘Spade’ by Inkling with a grenade launcher

Isadora, Lola, Crystal (Seattle, WA)

Counselor: Hailey F.

Child finds themself in a mysterious world and doesn't know who they are. They have to figure out who they are and what this world is.

About the Team: memes but like crystal no likey da memes. she also is a cat lover and do the level design much. Isadora makes great music with many memes also she do the many draw. And lola would like to instead play games by the company.

>Download and Play Spade